Transfer Pricing Documentation

Pricing of economical transactions between associated companies has become a relevant issue.
State tax administrators give a lot of attention to pricing of transfers between associated persons and individual circumstances. Implementation of commercial transactions and providing services inside groups of companies are an integral part of business today. Optimum prices must be set for such transactions, but they must also meet the requirements of tax administrators.

We have a reliable team of qualified specialists, who will help you find the optimal financial solution.
Our team practice in transfer pricing services helps the companies to create and implement economically grounded pricing and to prepare necessary documents and statements. This solves potential problems with tax authorities.

Transfer pricing is important to all international companies, because they need efficient tax planning. Groups of companies performing commercial transaction between them must have the transfer pricing documentation between associated persons.

Benefit: we will help you assess what prices of transactions should be and whether the actual pricing corresponds to market prices and legislation. We will prepare the documents in accordance with local and international requirements and present the conclusions.

The price of preparation of particular projects of documentation of transfer pricing between associated persons is established based on the amount of transfers, their sophistication, etc.