Business representation, personal assitance, concierge services

Business representation

  • Business partner services
  • Meeting attendance
  • Business representation
  • Full business support
  • Legal representation
  • Meeting attendance
  • Solutions for everyday tasks: advertising and business porcess observation
  • Administrative assistant in business
  • Planning/organizing business dinner, parties and other occasions
  • Car maintenance
  • Personal driver services
  • Office ordering and removal services
  • Fill-in worker in office
  • Hotel and restaurant reservation services
  • Business flight reservation services
  • Carriages
  • Other assignments
  • Event managment and organisation
  • Web design, marketing, business proposals
  • Office space rent
  • Official documents for instutution and tax paying

Corporate and VIPĀ CONCIERGE services

We are like your business partner in Lithuania. We can do all tasks from driver task to fully partnership in company (or maybe even shareholder and partner type)

The word concierge means a personal assistant helping by doing everyday tasks and individual assignments.

We solve your everyday problems saving your time which can be used effectively either at work or at home so contributing you to reach the aim and dreams come true.

  • Tourism in Lithuania
  • Shopping
  • Relaxation
  • Vacation
  • VIP tours
  • Lunches, meetings
  • Catering
  • Adventures
  • Balls, festivals and celebrations
  • Night life experience

Personal services:

  • Courier services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Shopping assistant
  • Pet caretaking
  • Car maintenance
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • Vacation planning
  • Personal driver services
  • Leisure services
  • Carriages
  • Other assignments