Business Strategy & Development

Organisation Development

Expansive and dynamic economic times produce many changes for your enterprise.

Acting instead of reacting and innovative strategies are ingredients of the success recipe for dealing with continuous changes in the corporate environment.
With professional support and the correct employees, you will achieve a stabilization and relaxation of the processes even in such times.

Strategic Planning

Future-oriented corporate objectives and strategies guarantee your competitive advantage and ensure stability even in stormy times.

Elaborate with us in the moderated planning process a corporate objective supported by all those involved. This objective will be broken down into important measures in the present. This way, concrete action plans can be implemented.

Identify your future opportunities with the aid of creative methods!

Organizational Diagnosis

Prepare your organization optimally for future demands by identifying strengths and weaknesses and bringing to light the climate, communicational structures and the prevailing corporate structure.

Implement these new insights in targeted action plans and suitable optimization measures. What can you expect? We will inform the employees before project start and organise a road show and corporate kick-off. Based on your company specific needs, we will conceptualise an appropriate form of data collection. Subsequently, a detailed presentation will be hold infront of the management, which includes recommendations for target & result oriented measures. Finally, the highlights will be presented to your employees.

We will support you with the collective compilation of catalogues of measures and together we will define sensible & realistic priorities and establish measurement criteria.

Pre- and Post-Merger Consulting

Processes of change require special attention. This applies especially when two different corporate cultures clash.

Through pre- and post-merger consulting, you can integrate the best of both corporate worlds.

Corporate culture analyses and management audits reveal the differences, points in common and opportunities of the organizations and managers involved. Utilize a tailor-made programme in order fully to exploit the potentials of the new structures on all levels.

Corporate Culture Analysis

Growing internationalization demands a high level of intercultural competence.
Our corporate analysis will provide you with a clear, objective and comprehensive picture of the current status of your enterprise in all locations and enable you to identify the strengths, areas of tension and potentials for conflict between the head office and subsidiaries.

You can give your employees an opportunity to express their opinions and show appreciation for them. By means of a highly structured scientific questionnaire, after a short time for processing you will receive highly informative results to questions such as: Are my employees motivated or does the phenomenon of ‘inwardly quitting’ prevail? What is the status of leadership and team culture? How efficient is communication and how good is co-operation?