Executive search (“head hunting”)

Executive search (“head hunting”) – the most effective way to find specialists as well as middle and top level managers. We have a wide range of contacts and extensive experience in the executive search, so we identify markets and candidates where you can find the right candidates quickly and efficiently. For our clients we present only the most suitable candidates which are selected after a few rounds of interviews. We provide extensive information about every client – experience, personal characteristics and recommendations from former employees. As our experience suggests, our consultants‘participation in a meeting of the client with candidate help clients to assess the suitability of candidates better. If our client request, consultants can be involved in the negotiation of contract terms and payment and maintains contact with both of the sides during the trial period. Also, considering the position objectives, we are able to prepare the 100-day plan for the employee, which makes the adaptation easier and performance faster.

Warranty: In the event the hired candidate is dismissed during the probationary period (3 months) due to unsatisfactory performance or loss of confidence in him, we commit to deliver other suitable candidates. For managerial positions we provide a 6 months warranty and guarantee the re-election of candidates.