Other services 

Consulting projects

Each company is different,  there are not identical situations or problems. We are ready to make research or consultancy in a field of human resource management relevant for your company specifically:

  • Development or improvement of employee performance evaluation system

Performance appraisal is meant to encourage employees to aim to achieve business success and promote productivity. During a performance evaluation we determine and identify motivating facors, distinguish what is important for a certain person, what is his aims and objectives as well as what are the obstacles for pursuing these aims.

  • Development or improvement of wage and / or compensation and benefit systems

We are helping to create a payroll system by analyzing the fixed part of the remuneration, variable accessories and bonus arrangements.

  • Research of employee loyalty and motivation factors

The main objective of this study is to identify the reasons leading to employee turnover: why employees are happy or unhappy, what determines their loyalty to a particular organization.

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

After conducting this study managers can see workers’ needs and problems. After that it is possible to define measures for a job satisfaction improvement. Employees see these surveys as a prove that managers are interest in them and their work.

  • Research of remuneration market

We can provide information about the average salary for any particular position, rewars and bonus arrangements by looking at company‘s operational segment and interviewing a target audience which reflects that specific position. For the research of remuneration market we use our database as well as direct interviews.