Personnel search and selection

Our consultants have many years of recruitment experience in different business areas: IT, finances, sales, marketing and advertising, FMCG, production and engineering, logistics and etc. We strive to find the most suitable employee for you, so a job offer is prepared only after analyzing company‘s principles, values, needs and requirements for the employee. During a selection process we employ different methods of assessment – candidate‘s work experience, personal characteristics and motivation. Additionally, to make an evaluation more accurate, we use psychological tests, strategic and practical tasks. Our clients are introduced with all needed information about candidates before their meeting with suitable candidates. As our experience suggests, our consultants‘participation in a meeting of the client with candidate help clients to assess the suitability of candidates better. If our client request, consultants can be involved in the negotiation of contract terms and payment and maintains contact with both of the sides during the trial period. Also, considering the position objectives, we are able to prepare the 100-day plan for the employee, which makes the adaptation easier and performance faster.

Warranty: In the event the hired candidate is dismissed during the probationary period (3 months) due to unsatisfactory performance or loss of confidence in him, we commit to deliver other suitable candidates. For managerial positions we provide the 6 months warranty and guarantee the re-election of candidates.

The perfect search strategy for success

Our customers know that professional personnel recruiting is more than placing advertisements and collecting applications. Ideal candidates are only attracted by well defined job and qualifications profiles and advertisements worded in a target-oriented manner.

It is possible for us to identify additional applicants for you from our international pool of high potentials. In addition, we will address interesting persons deliberately and draw their attention to the vacant position in your enterprise.

Job specifications

  • job description
  • task analysis
  •  “hard facts”
    (e.g. work experience)
  • personality characteristics
  •  “soft facts”
    (e.g. communication skills)

The search strategy

  • Professional and targeted texts
  • Job advertisement:
    Placement in established layout
  • File search: Targeted search of international our applicants database
  • Executive search:
    Professional and discrete contacting of your high potential candidates