Our services

All provided services & investment possibilities

We can offer you many things, so you don’t have worry about anything. Just enjoy profits

Business consulting,
Business analysis
Business optimizations
business Marketing & promotion

If you want open new business, new company or corporation in Lithuania or EU we can offer these services and with our knowledge & experience we make this business successful and profitable.

If you want to expand, or adopt your own business to Lithuania, Baltic states or EU we can make life easy for you

New business establishment
New businesses start
Staff hiring
partnership search
All administrative services
All tax services
All legal and law services
Business development and other services

we create:

corporate style
visual identity
Ads (print, web, tv, radio, video, audio)
All marketing services.
All web marketing services (traditional marketing, web marketing, social network marketing, ambient & guerrilla marketing …)
All Google services (SEO – Google optimization, Google ad \words ads, analytics and many more)

Portals, social networks, blogs.
Professional development, design, marketing. Adoption to countries.

All creative services
All PR and communication services
Promo teams

So if you have idea to have business in Lithuania. You want to invest in Lithuania. Want to expand your own business to Baltic states. WE WILL DO EVERYTHING, that your business was successful and profitable.

Also, if you searching to adopt you web project, social network or something unique it will be absolute pleasure to do business with you

Also – if you have absolute crazy idea, and no one believe in you. Maybe you can try to get in touch with our team. And maybe we will shock the world and your business will be new Microsoft or Google.