VAT registration

Duration & Costs

  • VAT registration procedure takes 5 business days;
  • 100 € + VAT (all expenses included).

Our services

  • preparation of the documents required for the VAT registration;
  • representation before State Tax Inspectorate;
  • consulting on the issues related to VAT registration.

Data necessary for registration

  • company’s name, code, address, phone, fax, email;
  • description of the company’s activity;
  • main suppliers and customers;
  • data on the persons controlling the company.

Voluntary registration   The company may register in the VAT Payers Register on a voluntary basis. However, you should assess whether it is really reasonable for the company to become a VAT payer if this is not compulsory.   Compulsory registration for Lithuanian companies

  • if the income of the goods or services sold in Lithuania exceeds 155 000 LTL during the recent 12 months;
  • if the company acquires goods in Lithuania from other EU Member States the value of which exceeds 35 000 LTL in the calendar year;
  • if the person controls several companies and their joint income exceeds 155 000 LTL during the recent 12 months. The obligation of VAT registration shall arise for all those companies even the income of separate company is lower than 155 000 LTL.