Incorporation and activities of private enterprises are regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Law of Individual Enterprises of the Republic of Lithuania.

Private enterprise is a private legal entity with unlimited civil liability. The incorporation procedure of a private enterprise is simpler, there is no requirement for minimum authorised capital.
Private enterprise is incorporated by a single natural person. A private enterprise is deemed incorporated from its registration in the Register of Legal Entities. From the registration of a private enterprise, its incorporator is considered the owner of the private enterprise.

One of the main drawbacks of this legal form is unlimited civil liability, which means that if the business fails and the assets of the private enterprise are not sufficient to fulfil the obligations, the owner of the enterprise is liable by his/her personal assets.

Please, contact our team and we will perform the whole procedure of incorporation of a new company. You will only have to arrive at agreed time and sign.

You have to submit the following documents and information:

    • Information on the owner (name, surname, personal number, address of the declared place of residence);
    • Information on the head of future PE (name, surname, personal number, address of declared place of residence), if the PE owner assigns another person to the position of the head of PE;
    • Name of the future PE;
    • Precise legal address of the future PE. The owner’s consent to provide the legal address for a PLC is necessary:

– if the owner is a natural person – consent certified by a notary;
– if the owner is a legal person – consent signed and sealed by the director;
– if the premises are mortgaged – consent of the bank, to which the premises are mortgaged;
– if the legal address of the PE will be registered in the premises owned by the incorporator, the owner’s consent to provide the legal address is not necessary.

  • Information on economical-commercial activities PE will be engaged in.

Time period: the procedure of private enterprise incorporation takes 6-10 business days.

We will prepare all documents, consult on the questions of PE incorporation, coordinate the documents with a notary, arrange a meeting time, and represent at the notary’s office and State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

You will only have to arrive at agreed time and sign the documents.