Incorporation and activities of public limited companies are regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania, and other regulations.

Public limited company is a company, the authorised capital of which is divided into shares. PLC is a private legal person of limited civil liability. The authorised capital of a PLC must be at least LTL 150,000. When the authorised capital is larger than LTL 150,000, the shares may be covered by non-monetary contributions. Non-monetary contributions must be assessed by independent property assessors (and may not exceed 75% of the authorised capital).
The shares of the company may be distributed and traded publicly in accordance with the legislation regulating the securities market.

The incorporators of a company may be natural and legal persons. Each incorporator must purchase the shares of the company and become its shareholder. Each shareholder has the rights endowed by the shares of the company he holds.

Public limited company must have the following governing bodies: general shareholders meeting and head of administration (director). A supervision council and board may also be constituted.

Incorporation of public limited company takes from 6 to 10 business days.

1. Temporary reservation of PLC name in the Register of Legal Entities (approx. 1 business day);
2. Preparation of PLC incorporation documents (approx. 1 business day);
3. Certification of PLC incorporation documents by a notary (approx. 1-3 business days);
4. Registration of PLC incorporation documents in State Enterprise Centre of Registers (5 business days).

You have to submit the following documents and information:
• Information of incorporators (shareholders) (name, surname, personal number, address of declared place of residence). If an incorporator is a legal person – we need the company name, business ID, legal address, and name, surname, personal number, and address of declared place of residence of the director representing the company;
• Information on the director of future PLC (name, surname, personal number, address of declared place of residence);
• Name of the future PLC;
• Precise legal address of the future PLC. The owner’s consent to provide the legal address for a PLC is necessary:
if the owner is a natural person – consent certified by a notary;
if the owner is a legal person – consent signed and sealed by the director;
if the premises are mortgaged – consent of the bank, to which the premises are mortgaged;
if the legal address of the PLC will be registered in the premises owned by one of the incorporators, the owner’s consent to provide the legal address is not necessary, but a proof of ownership is required.
• Information on the proportions of shares held by shareholders;
• Information on the economic-commercial activities the PLC will engage in;
• Information on intended management bodies (director/board);
• Amount of intended authorised capital (minimum amount – LTL 150,000);
• Nominal value of the shares.

If the incorporator is a foreign legal person, the following additional documents will be necessary:
• A statement confirming that the incorporator is registered in the Register of Legal Entities of a foreign country and other documents;
• Submitted documents must be certified by a notary and have an Apostille.
We will prepare all documents, consult on the questions of PLC incorporation, coordinate the documents with a notary, arrange a meeting time, and represent at the notary’s office and State Enterprise Centre of Registers.
Your actions:
• Present our requested information and documents;
• Open a deposit account in a bank of your choice (deposit authorised capital of the PLC);
• Arrive at the notary’s office at agreed and convenient time and sign PLC incorporation documents.
Please, contact our team and we will perform the whole procedure of incorporation of a new company. You will only have to arrive at agreed time and sign.