Employee evaluation & Competence Audit

According to our clients’ needs, we not only evaluate the candidates but our clients’ employees as well.  Employee evaluation is useful for you if you:

  • are planning your employees’ career and training;
  • want to assess your employees potential and directions of their competence growth;
  • are planning a reorganization or want to promote/dismiss employees;
  • seek to increase your employees’ motivation and their efficiency at work;
  • set new goals for your employees and want to monitor their performance;
  • want to implement an employee evaluation system in your company.

Employee evaluation is carried out through a variety of personality assessment tests and variety of simulated situations (in example, assessment of sales skills using group or individual tasks).

During employee evaluation projects, we use only professional, reliable assessment tools for evaluating the various personal characteristics. It increases reliability of the findings and allows identifying weak personal features, growth potential and training needs. Also we use Tripod psychological tests for employees’ evaluation. These tests are designed for personnel selection, assessment and certification programs as well as personal development planning. Our consultants are certified methodology users.

Your benefit

  • Performance increase without additional personnel costs
  • Occupation of the key positions by adequate high performers
  • Objective basis for decisions
  • Ideal cost/use lever
  • Proven reduction of fluctuation rate

On average, the best employees perform four times better than those persons with the lowest performance.

Identifying the relevant top performers and positioning suitable persons in key posts increase your efficiency and the chance of being ahead of your competitors in the long run. This can be done without increasing the number of your staff or making major investments.

Benefit from concrete personnel and development recommendations – we will help you to make sound decisions quickly and objectively.

Management Audits

How fit is your management team for the future demands on your enterprise? Are the existing leadership potentials in keeping with the objectives and strategies of your enterprise?

Assess the relevant potentials of your managers with objective Potential Analyses and Interviews. We can also positively steer difficult processes by respectfully treating each and every individual.

With the experience of more than 500 management audits a year, we can guarantee you accurate results.


Separating members of staff is a delicate topic. Demonstrate social responsibility through respectful treatment and help those concerned to start anew.
At the same time, you will improve your corporate image and working atmosphere in a time of high competitive pressure.

With individual and group measures, we will support the repositioning and quick integration of your ex-employees on the labour market.

As recruiting specialists with long-standing experience in career counselling and with our expertise in business psychology, we possess the competence and contacts to take the pressure off those concerned and facilitate a come-back.

Leadership development

The competitiveness of most enterprises is becoming more and more dependent on the competences of managers. So the slogan is promoting the persons in the enterprise!

Optimize existing management qualities by developing leadership competences on the objective and personal planes.
With targeted training courses, you will support the development of your managers, thus increasing well-being and efficiency in your enterprise.


Improve communication and co-operation within your enterprise and improve the efficiency of your team.

In needs-oriented training courses, you can promote the personal responsibility of your members of staff, increasing motivation and solidarity. The participants work out new alternative solutions and receive support in building up constructive new communication and relationship structures.


Unsolved conflicts and arguments use up a lot of money, time and energy. There are many suggestions for solutions but they don’t always live up to their promises.

Create lasting solutions for conflicts and save time and energy
Mediation leads the conflicting parties back on track quickly and purposefully – the negative loop is interrupted and a productive cooperation is made possible (again)!

Find a common denominator and make room for purposeful consensus finding
Together, consensual solutions are developed through impartial support during the mediation process. Arrangements for further proceedings are made and their results are evaluated.

Intercultural Training

70% of all international ventures and collaborations fail due to lack of intercultural awareness. How can cultural differences be understood and managed constructively?

Enhance the probability of success for your foreign ventures!
With the help of intercultural competency you establish a productive work atmosphere and utilise synergetic potentials to the full.

Tailored training guarantees skill transfer into professional practice
Your managers are provided with important information on the historical, social and economic influence of the target country. They will get to know their business partner’s culture of negotiation and conversation, and practice how to deal with conflicts. Furthermore they will work out active problem-solving strategies for critical situations.